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The story behind LEADiN ME is a story of passion and purpose. The starting point goes back to 2010 when the founder decided to make a career transformation after 12 years as an economist to a full-time certified life coach and trainer in Egypt. Helping people reaching their highest selves and best performance at work and in life. The journey started in Egypt and continued in the United Arab Emirates. 

During that journey, it became so obvious that self-leadership is always the right starting point and that organizations need true leaders as everything rises and falls on leadership. At that point, it was essential to expand the impact and work with bigger organizations and on a larger scale. And that is why and how LEADiN ME was born on the 30th of August 2016. 

Leadership development is the purpose of LEADiN ME, serving the Middle-East region starting with UAE, KSA, and Egypt. The leadership model took years to reach this point and it was not an easy task. We wanted to make a real difference, develop true leaders, and make an impact based on years of experience, knowledge, observations, research, and best practices. Curiosity, passion, and persistence were our key drivers to understand the psychology behind true leadership. 

LEADiN ME leadership development model goes far beyond developing skills and enhancing competencies through traditional training programs, as it is a multi-dimensional model built on human and business psychology. We named it the "S.N.A.P." leadership model. The four letters represent the key four dimensions, which are explained in our presentations and different programs. The leadership journey goes through five phases and ten leadership development programs.

A new chapter started when more minds and hearts believed in the model and the passion behind it. Now the current LEADiN ME team brings you more years of experience and diversified backgrounds to enrich the learning experience and enhance the development journey. Now our combined experiences and backgrounds cover many areas such as; Learning and Development, Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing, Coaching, Assessment, Political Science, Economics, Social Policies, Executive Management, Business Administration, Research and Development, Change Management, and Consultancy.

Our core team decided that our key values governing our model and practice are the following:
- Authenticity
- Creativity & Innovation
- Excellence
- Trust
- Curiosity
- Collaboration

- Commitment
- Simple yet significant

Our slogan is "Daring to lead" and that is a long story.
Let us put it that way for simplicity .. we believe that ..
Future Global Leaders are DARING, WISE, and INFLUENTIAL leaders. We prepare contemporary leaders for future challenges, changing work dynamics and business complexities through our INTEGRATED LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION called the S.N.A.P. diamond.

Based on the model we crafted our leadership story "Hamza the Sailor". It describes how a "leader is born" through a learning journey inspired by true stories and real-life experiences and business cases which brings life to our leadership development model. soon you will enjoy the story in the media section. 

We hope that our story got you more interested to explore more and engage with us in a more exciting journey. Our signature program "Self leadership in times of change" will show you how we work and deliver, and why working with us is gain without pain.

We also conduct a free demo session as an introduction to our signature program

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